new wheels

Harkin awoke Saturday morning to find this new little balance bike in our kitchen . He was beyond excited- speechless for a moment actually. There was not much else done that day except the riding of the bike. He had it mastered in only a few short hours. A few crashes and lots of times around the driveway. Him and Issabelle were having races with stops in between to pick a few flowers. Issabelle is pretty happy herself now that she has the trike all to herself. They make a pretty good team these two.
By days end there were a few scratches but mostly on the bike and not on the rider.

1 comment:

  1. New wheels! How wonderful. The pictures are the most adorable. I love the one of the two children looking back at their mom. Congratulations Harkin. Way to go Issabelle. Love, XXXOOO William looks soooooooooooo tall!


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