one last hurrah

Having seasons passes gives us little perks. Since there was no snow left on the mountain, season pass holders got to go to the water park for free. We took advantage of it and spent the day there yesterday. Everyone had such a great time, so much fun that I didn't have too much time to take many pictures. I did get Harkin going down the blue slide. His big brothers had been trying to get him to go all last time we were there, and it was  always no but this time it was a yes. He had so much fun and was pretty proud of himself. Issabelle was super cute and loved the slide and water fountains. The boys were off on the big slides and lazy river most of the day. We met friends there so it was a good day that tired everyone out.

1 comment:

  1. What a great way to end winter and celebrate spring. The children look adorable. XXXOOO


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