spring soccer

Since the beginning of May we have had soccer 3-5 times a week. William has just been practicing and his first tournament games are this weekend, which he is very excited about.

Landon has had games and is pretty much finished for the season.

Harkin and Issabelle were so excited to finally be able to play together. It was a six week long program. The first week Izzy was happy to play and then as the weeks went on she would just play for a few minutes and then sit with me on the sidelines. Harkin was heartbroken and would try his best to get her out there. The very last day she decided she was going to play. They scored goals together and had a blast. Harkin was thrilled to have her on the field.

We'll have a few weeks break for the summer and then it starts back up again in  mid august. We are a soccer crazy family! Counting the minutes to tomorrow to watch the world cup.

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  1. Go team. Issabelle looks like she made a goal! She is adorable in her pony tail and "uniform". Harkin looks so tall and able to play hard. Landon looks focused and so handsome. William where are you? XXXOOO


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