Celebrating Autumn

We have been noticing lots of changes outside as we take our morning walk. The boys are anxious to rake all of our leaves. They are technically our neighbors leaves since we don't have any trees actually on our property.
Pretty sad, huh? How they wish we had a big ol' tree to climb. I remember days spent hanging out with my best friend, up in a tree, just breathing the air and watching the world....hmm. I still have that best friend, 33 years already.

But I digress-
We decided to make our own little trees with colorful leaves. Pipe cleaners and buttons, it was such a simple project but lots of fun and added to our nature table so nicely.

William added a few leaves around the bottom so they look like "real" trees right now. "You know all the leaves fall to the ground", he tells me.
I am rather proud of our first attempt at a nature table.
We chose colors of Autumn using the scarves that were once my mother's. The boys added all their cool stuff they collect outside. We bought this beautiful handmade beeswax candle from the farmers market and hope to add some more things as the season goes on.
The best part about my neat little table(which I found at a tag sale) is that is has shelves underneath. You can see the neat containers, which are perfect for the boys' hats, gloves, etc. They can actually reach them, as opposed to the top of the refrigerator. Oh, the little joys of my life!


  1. Your nature Table looks great!!!

  2. Love the table and the handmade trees. What a great idea. You always amaze me. Thank you again for all you do with and for your men. Love, XXXOOO

  3. That is cool! I love, love the trees!


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