Creation Station

Another wonderful day of creating!

Supplies waiting to be used. Everything in its place.
Ready, Set,
Construction collage,
a little roller painting (thanks to Grammy for all those bouncy balls!)

a few finished pieces,
sparkling sun catchers,sticky collaging- such focus.
Many of our creations waiting to dry and be carried away.
All the kids had a great time, the stations keep them actively engaged for over an hour and then we had a little snack and some great play!
I am really loving hosting this at our house. I love watching the children work and seeing their minds create!


  1. Aww! Those look like such fun and active creations. I made a good call though, Kaya's eye looked like he was hit by a professional boxer, with goo! Looks like we all got hit with the 24 hour yuks as well. Gotta love the new season!
    Loved seeing what we missed though!

  2. It must be such fun to watch the children create. The joy of art. Aren't you wonderful to introduce it to them at your own home. You're the best! Love, XXXOOO


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