In The Moment

As I laid in bed with Landon tonight thinking of what I was going to write about I realized that I had not taken one picture today. It was such a great day of ordinary tasks. I guess I was just enjoying every moment with the boys. I never stopped to think that pictures would be good!
We awoke well rested, snuggled in bed with our books. Had a little battle(pretend) while mama exercised.
Quietly enjoyed our favorite books, gobbled up breakfast, wrote a little news of the weekend, played outside while mama got some chores done.
Enjoyed the fresh air while taking a much needed long walk. We have been inside due to rain and illness last week. While walking we noticed all the beautiful colors. We happened to have a bag with us, which the boys filled to the brim with amazing leaves.
"This one looks all spotty, this is a beautiful golden color, this is pointy like a rocket ship" some quotes from the boys. While looking over the leaves, the boys were arguing over whose was whose. We pressed them and are saving them for something - not sure yet.
Some more reading and poems, a little painting and lunch.
A little modeling with Will and more reading. This time he read to me. A book about Spiders.
Outside playtime and dinner.
Off to bed.
Like I said, just an ordinary day but well enjoyed.
Oh, and they loved carrying wood in all day since we have had a small fire going since Saturday. Just to take the chill off.

Happy Endings!

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  1. What a delightful, extraordinary day. Love, XXXOOO


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