Delightful Day

A day spent with some wonderful friends- both kids and mommies!

We went to see a production of Click Clack Moo. A book by Dorine Cronin. Her books have been favorite reads from our bookshelves for years.
The show was awesome. The boys couldn't stop talking about all through dinner and William had to act it out for Eric when he got home.

After the show we went to a playground and the beach. We just played in the sand as it was a spontaneous decision. All the kids played so nicely together and the day was a beautiful one. Mommies got a chance to just relax and chat.

We came home for a quick little play time, drawing time, dinner and right to sleep.

All is well here at home!


  1. ALl is well after reading this days doings. I vote for a repeat tomorrow! Love, XXXOOO

  2. Loved it all, it was a great day.

  3. Sounds delicious!!
    friends, fun, sand, a play... wonderful.


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