happy to be here

A wet and dreary day outside makes ones room very dark. So we open the shades. What do we see?  Our friends across the street heading out the door while we are still in PJ's just beginning to plan our play for the morning. It is 8:15 and the four little neighbors are all trying to get to school on time.  

Will asks, "School started already?"  Yes , it does seem like the summer just began.

"What are plans for the day?" the conversation continues.  
"Well, we need to return a few books to the library and then I just want to take it easy at home."  I respond.  One of those heavy rainy days that makes you want to snuggle and read all day. Which is basically how our day went.

And of course some good playing time with each other.

This, my friends, is exactly where I want to be.


  1. Perfect! I still love having the freedom to say "I just want to have a relaxing day" because somedays you need that. What a fabulous life! :)

  2. I whole heartedly concur (with this lovely post, and MamaTea's comment)! We are all so truly lucky to live these incredible lives (and be on this journey together)! All week long in this rain I have been thinking how greatful I am not to have to get the girls up and dressed and out the door, unless of course we choose to go somewhere that is!

    Thanks for your comment on my "Our Story" blogpost! I am so glad to have meet you and have loved getting to know you! :)

  3. Last year I was so focused on "its a school day". This year, I totally forgot that the kids have gone back. We were away when school started and now that we are waking up in our own home after a week of traveling, I could not imagine sending them out the door in five minutes (it is 8:23am). Instead we will blog. We will read. We will pick up our dogs from the kennel. We will visit with friends. We will eat good food. We will probably read some more. And that will all be good!

  4. Taking it easy at home. Heaven. XXXOOO


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