How I Clear My Head

The days I wake up with so many things on my mind.  
I'm  racing from one thought to another. 
There is no real direction that I am going in..... 
I start to clean.  Yes, I said clean.  

I go from room to room organizing, dusting or vacuuming. 
My thoughts start to become more organized.  
I dust off the thought I had awhile back and really see it coming to fruition.  
I suck up all the distractions and see a clean path ahead of me.  

When I finish, my mind is free of clutter. 
I am rejuvenated.

Strange, I know........


  1. Not really, I am a cleaner as well! It's Kim, by the way, I am on Jean's computer.

  2. Not strange at all! I do it too! :)

  3. I wish I was like that. I try to clean to clear my head but most often I write.

  4. Organize? Clear head. Organize! I love it, XXXOOO


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