A Date

I had a "date" with my little one two weekends ago.(we have been a bit sick so I never got a chance to write about it)
Anyways, we went and had a little lunch- not quite what I has planned- but we got a flat tire on the way to our destination and had to take a little detour to get new tire.

Once our pit stop was done we headed to the "dinosaur" museum (not the official name).

We dug for fossils and felt some real ones.
Colored a hat and being such a sweet brother he had to take one home for William.

We listened and learned all about the dinosaurs: over and over!
It was fun to be one on one with him. In the past when Eric and Will would go out on their date, mine and Landon's would be at home since he needed his nap. But we are branching out. We are trying hard to have a "date" at least once a month with each of them.
It is a time to cherish how special each one of them really are. They are treasured moments had by all.

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  1. What a wonderful way to get to really conect and know the children. You are such great parents. I so enjoy reading and hearing about all the happenings at your home. Landon looks so adorable I could just hug him forever. Love to all, XXXOOO


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