oh, such long days

We are loving the longer days and warmer weather this week. Just so much more time to fit more goodness into our days.

Breakfast by boys- a new recipe: apples cooked with a little bit of brown sugar and nutmeg,
placed over a whole wheat English muffins dipped in an egg batter and cooked. (similar to french toast)

They said it was a keeper.

Then we headed for a bike ride: meet Lightening Landon and Whirling William ( "whirling like a tornado" he says, "nothing beats a tornado" he says.)

We had a minor fall but nothing magical kisses couldn't heel, ahem, not from mama, only William.
This was a big day for Lightening Landon as it was his first Dentist appointment. A little hesitant at first...

By the end he was fine and excited to show me his shiny teeth.
Unfortunately his front 4 teeth never developed quite right and there might be a little dental work needed. More to come on that.

During our creating hour the boys worked on their project for a new baby that is soon to be here and very close to us. They are so excited to share this with the family.

Plus we were outside for hours raking, and playing in the yard.

Blessed days I tell ya.


  1. Isn't this weather amazing?! So glad that you are having as much fun as we are! Enjoy what's on the way for tomorrow! For up here they are saying 70 degrees!

  2. What jammed packed days. Cooking, riding, dentists and baby projects. Yeah for William and the medicinal kisses and yeah for Landon for taking it in stride. Yeah to mom for being mom and a great one at that! Love, XXXOOO


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