lost in the woods

No. We weren't really lost- physically, I mean.
However, we did manage to lose ourselves.

In the beauty of the day.
In the creations of others.
In the soft carpet of Mother Nature.
In the fuzziness of it all.
In the soaring of the hawks.
In their stillness.
In their grace.
In the colors of Spring.
In the fun of the water.
In the sweet smiles of boys.
In the challenges of climbing.
In listening to the wind.
In the wonderfulness of spending 3 1/2 hours together with no particular place to go.


  1. So awesome. Nice Turkey Vulture photos!

  2. Oh the joy of nature. My favorite place to walk, in the woods. What a wonderful God given delight for you and the children. So glad you are able to enjoy grand days like this with your children. Love, XXXOOO


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