We love stories. We read, tell and make up many of our own throughout the day.
The boys love listening to the stories.
We have taken many books on CD out of the libraries. We have exhausted all the ones they own.
Then we discovered StoryNory. A wonderful find. You can download stories for free. They have all kinds- classic, educational and original. William has grown fond of Natasha (one of the narrators), he gets very upset when it is someone else.
I have found that taking a shower while they listen makes a peaceful morning.
So we listen and we learn. They love discussing their story throughout the day with one another since they are listening to different ones.
I would definitely recommend checking the site out. Well worth it!


  1. We used to get that on i tunes! My kids did like that.

  2. I am so glad the boys like stories. I have never met any children with more imagination than your two boys. Of course they are the best looking, kindest, most creative, smartest, most fun (do I sound like the Grammy?) Love to all, XXXOOO


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