"Backyard Lions"

The past few weeks as we take our daily walk we have been having lots of fun with dandelions. Picking them just for fun and of course blowing the gray hairs off.

Our story last week was about the the girl with golden hair-which of course was a dandelion.

I recently bought this book and am following the Outdoor Hour challenges just to give us a little more direction with our nature time. So we looked up facts about the dandelion in the enormous book and learn some pretty neat things.

I have always been fascinated with these little flowers (or weeds if you would like). So much so that I did my own research several years ago and wrote a cute little story about them.

Therefore I knew you could eat them but never really thought about it much. Then I read this post and it inspired me to try it out. So today was cooking fried dandelions.

First we took our walk and collected tons of dandelions. We had three cups full.
Then we gave them a good washing.
Made the batter:
1C flour
1 C milk
1 egg
a bit of maple syrup
Dipped and friend in olive oil.
Looking good.
Ready to eat.
Now the big test......

We dipped them in maple syrup.

And the results.........

Landon wasn't sure but ended up eating quite a few.
William was not into them at all. Oh well.

It was fun though and they still couldn't get over that we could eat them. There was much chatter to daddy about it tonight.


Drops of sunshine

Soon to be mine

I’m in luck

So many to pluck

POP! What a sound

OH- Glue all around

Gather a bunch

Before rabbits munch

Hope they stay

For another day

What fun it will be

To set the seeds free

written by Rosemarie

1 comment:

  1. Love the poem! Love the looks of tasting the dandelions. Love the entire project from beginning to end. Love all of you! XXXOOO


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