Today we became butterfly hunters.

Well, we were actually at a butterfly pavilion with monarchs and painted ladies.

The boys had such a great time letting the butterflies land on them.

It wasn't a very big place but it kept their interest for over an hour. At times they would just sit on a bench with the butterflies on their fingers.
"I made new friends," says Landon.

It was a great day and our observation skills were hard at work. Looking at them up close was wonderful.


  1. What fabulous pictures! You should enlarge and frame them! :) What a lovely way to spend a day. We took the girls to the Boston Museum of Science butterfly garden but the butterflies there were not nearly as friendly! What a treat! Have you ever gotten caterpillars and watched the metamorphosis? I bet the boys would love that!

  2. We had our own 2 years ago. I still have the house and am thinking of ordering more caterpillars.


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