a book, a movie and my one moment of meeting someone famous

I was packing up my books last week when  I realized I hadn't read The Lucky One  by Nicholas Sparks for some reason.  I have an autographed collection of all his books due to my sister living in the same town as him- which I will get to in a minute. Anyways I needed something to read, they are quick and easy reads,  so I began. It took some time to get into it.  A few nights passed and I finally felt that I wanted to read what happened next. I ended up staying up until 12:30 finishing the book on Tuesday.

I don't keep up on the latest movie releases so I was rather surprised when I was flipping through our Vudu account last night and learned it was made into a movie. How seriously weird that I just finished reading this book and now it was available for me to watch.  I watched it, but oh, how directors stray from the book. The story line was the same but many details were so different. It was an OK movie but the book was definitely better.

Every time I read one of his books a small smirky smile comes across my face. He lives in the same town as my sister, as I mentioned. While he was building his huge house he actually lived in the same neighborhood as her. He has dogs. Little and big. One morning while I was visiting her I took Gritty for her walk.  On her leash.  I see Nicholas walking down the street towards me with his dogs. Off leash. A big german sheperd slowly walks towards me. Nicholas mentions he is harmless, until he breaks into a full fledge run towards me and Gritty.  He is ignoring his owner. I was a bit flustered trying to protect my girl. Thought she was going to get a big bite taken out of her. Nicholas chased after his dog and was able to get a hold of him with seconds to spare.  He apologized and we went our seperate ways.

So my moment of meeting someone famous was a bit crazy and made me think. We are all just human and make mistakes.

No matter who we are.

Just thought I share...


  1. Neat story. Shame on Nicholas for not having his dogs on leash. Love,XXXOOO

  2. This book was one of my favorites of his . Glad I haven't rented the movie I like to remember just the book as I have read it.


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