in the midst of it all

The boys and I are hunkered down at home this week packing boxes. There is much to do and they are being pretty helpful with it all. 

It often makes me wonder why we have so much stuff and there have been lots of bags filled up to get rid of. The less stuff we have the less we have to move, plus more time to spend on adventuring rather than cleaning and organizing things.  This move is really helping my whole simplifying process.


  1. I bet you are loving watching those donate piles grow!

  2. Nothing like packing boxes to show you how much you have...and start the questions of "Do I REALLY need this?" I'm with Kim - YAY for simplifying!!

  3. You are all doing such a fine job. I am really proud of all you do. Simplify and enjoy. But remember Grammy says you can't have too many matchbox cars, jingle bells, train tracks, pencils,... and hugs and kisses. Love to all, XXXOOO

  4. Hi there,
    You can email me at andreapt at aol dot com, and I can hook you up with the Colchester crowd! Let me know when you are here, I will help get you in touch with the local homeschoolers!



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