it is too early to get out of bed, to feed the hungry, no one is waiting

the cheese drawer opens, i expect pitter patter paws, none come

i work on the computer, waiting to be entertained by silly noises, there are none

i walk in the door, hoping to see tail wagging and a toy brought,  the kitchen is empty

i wonder about the dishes, listening for clattering as licking occurs, all is still

i read quietly on the couch, wishing to have a warm blanket,  i am alone

i wander about the house, wanting to hear jingling of tags, it is too quiet


  1. Rose, I know just how you feel. Their fuzzy souls play a huge part in our world. Grief for an animal is the same as grief for a person. Love is love. And you loved well. Hang in there.

  2. This tugs at my heart, I felt the same way both times we lost our dogs, it is so hard. Hugs.

  3. It is so hard. I am a bit lonely at night right now, since E is away. She was such good company. She always listened to me and never had any thing to say back:)

  4. Loss is lonely. Love is worth it. Gritty will never be forgotten for memories can be stored and taken out at any time, Sharing your sorrow, XXXOOO


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