our new place

A look at our new place. Some of the rooms had lights out so the pictures came out dark, and I somehow missed a few palces but you can get a pretty good feel for the place. Or so I hope.

The front yardWoods surround us, you can see no neighbors, simply amazing!
 The house from the front.
 When you enter the front stairs you enter this long room. Lots of windows. This will be our living room, plus a little space for something else: learning, play or mama's space. Not sure yet.
 From the living room you enter the dining/kitchen area through sliding glass doors.

 Off the kitchen there are stairs leading to this huge basement.  We are thinking workshop, T.V. lounge, art space, scootering.  Lots of possibilities.
Pass the basement door there is this awesome room. I am so excited about it. A mudroom.  A place to put our shoes and coats. We never had such a big space!!

Then another door opens and leads out into our garage.

 Going back inside..

There is a room through that door at the bottom of the stairs. It is a bedroom/office. Not sure yet. There is also a bathroom/laundry to the right of the stairs. I forgot to take pictures of those two.
 Now upstairs this is the wide open hallway. With bookshelves. We are thinking the library- rows of books, comfy beanbag chair in the corner or maybe a desk. So many ideas.  Also to the right there is the cutest little door (no picture) that leads to a gigantic attic. Plenty of storage and possibly a play space, but it might be a bit chilly. We'll see.
 The door you see above leads to the bathroom.
 The master bedroom. With closet space for both Eric and I. In all of our years of marriage, we have never both had all our cloths in the same room.  The little things get me excited.

The big bedroom. The boys are going to try and share this room because it has two cool loft areas. Places they can hide, read or play.

 Another bedroom. A place for the babies things and a quiet retreat to nurse.

So there it is. We will officially be moving this week. 

I am sure it will take me a few months to figure out just where everything should go. But with the long, cold, hopefully snowy winter ahead we will have plenty of time. 

Still totally in awe of the whole thing.


  1. Congrats! Enjoy all the settling in and getting to know your new state and town! Can't wait to see all the new adventures that you will have!

  2. It looks lovely. Have fun settling in. I hope you will share pictures once you have everything in it's place :)

  3. Wow Rose! It looks perfect. I hope moving in goes smoothly and you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. I'll be sad the next time I drive through Hamden knowing you aren't there!

  4. Especially love the library and mud room. This is going to be great. XXXOOO

  5. How exciting!! Congratulations it looks perfect for you guys !


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