We did a few errands this afternoon. I had some credit that I needed to use up at Joannes, since there is not one close to where we will be.

We came across these journals/scrapbooks: Smash. I had read about them before. Each book has a theme and the pages are printed with neat designs, some have prompts to get you started writing. The idea is that you can put whatever all in one book. There is a pen and glue stick attached so it is suppose to be easier.  I suggested to the boys that we each get one and can document our new adventures in VT. 

William chose the Doodle Red, Landon picked Simple Orange and I left with Eco Green. 

The boys wanted to start  right when we got home. William flipped through and filled in some pages with the prompts. Landon drew a picture of what the landscape looks like in the area we will be living.

It was a peaceful way to end the day. Each one deep in concentration.  I kept mine until we are actually up there, but am excited to fill it up.


  1. Marlins quite a smasher! Enjoy!

  2. Can't wait to read all about your adventure in VT. XXXOOO


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