Landon's-he accidentally switched the two around- oops

We decided to celebrate a day that only comes every 100 years.

I made a chart of 12 things to do.
We went through the day checking off each thing that we did. The boys thought it was quite a clever idea  their Mama came up with.  The boys tried adding more things- such as watch 12 shows- which did not happen. However, it kept our day full and busy. By nightfall I was pretty exhausted.  But it was a fun and memorable day.


  1. Love this idea and so wish that I had thought to do something like this! I bet the boys had a blast!

  2. You are so creative. Love the idea. Love the lunch. Love the math problems and love coming up with sets of 12. We'll have to compare our answers. Love to all, XXXXXXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOOOO


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