saturday gifts

Landon and I spent the day together today. William drove with Eric down to our CT house to pick up a few things that we were in need of. A long day for them but they are now home safe and sound. 

So what were Landon and I up to. We have chosen to sponsor a 4 year old boy this holiday season. We have a list of things that he is wishing for and were hoping to be able to find  a few today.  We headed into town to the local toy store.We found one thing on this little boys list and were lucky enough to be treated to treats and some face painting by the store. Plus we got to choose our own discount. 
It was an unexpected gift.

Next we were headed to craft shows to see if we could find the next thing on the list. A fleece blanket. We found one at our last stop. Landon picked the blanket out and the woman commented on how he must like Mickey and that he will stay warm in the blanket. We told her it was not for Landon but rather a little boy whom we were shopping for who did not have much. We continued looking at other vendors. Then as we were about to leave the woman we bought the blanket came up to me and gave me my check back. She said she wanted to be able to help out the little boy as well. I was so surprised. It gave me such a warm feeling knowing that there are good people all around.
Another little gift of the day. 

We came home to snuggle and read our pile of library books that we had gotten earlier in the day.
Which is always a gift.


  1. What an awesome, awesome day! There is love all around, and it is only when you are sending love out does it come back like a boomerang!

  2. You wanted to bless a little boy. You were blessed along the way. God's economy! Isn't it grand? Is there anything on his list that Grammy could send to you? Love, XXXOOO


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