Hardy Boys

A few weeks ago I urged the boys to try out reading the Hardy Boys. They are on a serious secret detective kick and I thought they would enjoy them. I have tried in the past but no one was buying what I was selling. However, this time it peaked their interest. William checked out 5 or so and was done reading them within a week.  Eric is reading them aloud to both of the boys. He used to read them when he was a kid, which they think is cool. We learned that there are around 60 of them. William wants to read them all. The other day they each got a package in the mail. Grammy and Grampy had sent up a copy for each of them. They were thrilled.

Then Eric told them about the Hardy Boys TV show he added to our instant cue. It has been non-stop questions as to when can they watch. Today they viewed their first episode. They love it, and think its neat that Daddy watched them when he was a kid- even though Grammy apparently didn't like him to. Or so that's what we've been told.

I love watching them get excited about books!


  1. I love hearing how excited they get about books...so awesome!!!

  2. TV was usually off limits to the children. But look how they love to read. Books are a much better pass time, takes you anywhere, teaches you anything and increases your vocabulary. Wonderful adventures to be had. I love books and love the children loving books. Love you all, XXXOOO

    1. I would love for the TV not to exist sometimes, but then I know that there are good shows out there. Plus it is something they enjoy doing with Daddy. Thanks for the books.

  3. You are very welcome. Interesting how I found them a couple of weeks ago, bought them thinking in time they would enjoy. That time came quickly. Love you XXXOOO


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