why I have not been writing

July has come and gone. I feel like I really did not take much part in it.  There have been many things going on in our lives. Some surprises and some new changes which all brings about a bit of stress and anxiety.

I have been having very slow days that really don't accumulate to much and therefore have not really felt like writing a whole bunch.  Last year during the month of August I took a break. I posted pictures daily but not too much writing. I am thinking of giving that another try this year. Keeping track of our lives through photo essays. Hoping to be more attentive with my camera and just to life in general. We'll see how it goes.

cupcake decorating

Another great library program. The boys listened to stories about women who made America beautiful by planting flowers and then decorated their own cupcakes.

time to be

Our summer days have gotten into their own little rhythm. We have all been slow to rise and then our morning just goes without much of a plan. Games, reading, lots of time to play and use their imagination. Some mornings there have been comments such as "I'm bored".  Well, go find something to do among our many activities we have in this house or its O.K. to be bored.

We go to the pool most afternoons. The other day the boys were excited to see a friend of theirs, however he was not able to play. He had a swim lesson , then tennis lesson and then another swim lesson.  The boys made a comment on how busy he was. It was a great chance to remind the boys that busy is not always good. That people, children especially, need time to decide for themselves what they would like to do.

I am glad that I have kept our schedule open and free.

Time for us all to "just be" and "be bored"

so glad

We were able to get together with friends. It had been awhile since we saw them and the boys had such a great time.  A little bowling, beach and ice cream. Couldn't have been a nicer day.

science teller

We have been enjoying some great programs at our libraries this summer. 

Here we have the Scienceteller: part scientists, part storyteller.  She was telling a story about dragons and would do experiments as part of the story. My boys we both lucky enough to be helpful volunteers. All of the experiments were done using dry ice, hence the steam. 

It was pretty neat and along the way I am pretty sure they both learned a bit- they came home excited to tell Daddy all about it.

ice cream

We are on a little tour of our states homemade ice cream shops.  Nothing beats the heat like a nice cool cone, and it's even better before dinner!


We had some friends over last week and William put on a little magic show. I was quite proud of him that he wanted to perform for his friends. He loves learning new tricks and has quite a bit up his sleeve.

Oh, Goodness

These last five days have just past by with serious neglect to this lovely little spot of mine. The days have been warm and I have been sleepy. My nights have not been going so well. Eric was away for two of them and the boys camped out in bed with me. They seem to sleep much better when we share a bed- not always the same holds true for me, although I do like having them close.

We have spent our days at the pool and library. The library hosts free programs over the summer. So far this week we have learned about dragons, fireflies and stars.  William decided to join the summer reading program.  He doesn't really need an incentive to read but really wanted the little prizes they pass out. He loves keeping track of the hours he reads and is surprised at how much it has added up in just  a few short days. 

I read a book in a day. Something I haven't done in awhile but when we spend 7 hours at the pool, it makes it easy. The boys both took a diving lesson and loved it. Landon has now joined Will and can dive by himself off the board.

We had BMX racing on Tuesday. Both boys are racing hard but we still managed to have a crash before the end of the evening. Oh, the scars these boys have. Each one with its own memory.

Already the second week of July coming to a close. Time is moving fast. We are trying our best to enjoy the lazy days of summer.

celebrating the 4th

We spent the afternoon at the pool where there were so many activities for the kids. The boys made their first tie dye shirts, and just had a pretty amazing day. We had fun swimming and keeping cool together.
It was a different kind of fourth for us, but still good all the same.

What paints the sky?


thanks to William for the wonderful idea

drawing with tissue paper

We read a book about Henrie Matisse and how he created some of his art with scissors.  We decided to try our hand at it a bit. We tore or cut tissue paper into pieces and then created our own designs onto white poster board. It was a fun, quick activity that came out pretty cool.
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