a treat for mom

William decide that Mom needed a special treat for Mother's day. He took it upon himself to read through our King Arthur book and find a recipe which we had all the ingredients for already at home. We were not leaving the house since Landon was home sick.

I wasn't suppose to know what he was making but every now and again he would ask for some help. I was totally impressed- he made his own pie crust. I have only ever done that once in my life. He so enjoys baking, it is just awesome.  So what was it he made? Light as Air key lime pie and it was delicious.

A sweet from my sweet William. There is no better gift, than the gift of love.


  1. What a wonderful gift. How brave of William to make his own crust. Very impressive. Hope Landon is feeling better. Kisses to all, XXXOOO


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