around these parts

Familiar scenes we see pretty much every day as we drive around here. All the farmers are getting their fields ready for planting. We'll get stuck behind a tractor for awhile or possibly a poop sprayer as we like to call the big long trucks. The smell is no longer a shock to our noses.

As we take our Sunday drives it has opened our conversations to good laughter as  Eric is always making one joke or another.

It is pretty neat living out in the country and has inspired my middle man, Landon, to maybe one day become a farmer.


  1. Lovely photos. Isn't it lovely living and driving through the country :)

    1. It really is. Every time I drive down our road and see mountains all around me I am so grateful we chose this place.

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  3. Beautiful scenery. Landon would make a great farmer. His great great grandfather loved the land and planted until well into his 90's. XXXOOO


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