moments at home

These are the moments that our days are made up of on a daily basis. Little things that I want to remember because all too soon it will be but a distant memory.

Puzzles being worked on.
Games we played.
Flowers picked for mom.
Babies finding their thumb.
Brotherly  love.
Towers and forts being built.
Note writing.
How small they can be.

My days can get busy with to do lists, but when I stop and just be in the moment it is quite remarkable. I want to live fully present with my boys now.
This is it.


  1. And it is wonderful. Enjoy every minute. The boys look wonderful. Can't wait to play life with them. Harkin is so adorable and William obviously is a great big brother. Landon is so creative in all his building projects. Keep up the good work Rose. Love, XXXOOO


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