farm tour


Sunday I convinced my boys and man to go on a tour of farms in the northeast corner of VT. They were open to the public to come see the animals and all the fiber they can produce. I loved looking at all the fleece and yarn. The boys had fun meeting animals and carding their own fleece, which they have projects in mind for. We saw alpacas, angora rabbits, and Icelandic sheep. It was neat to see the difference between the fleece and yarn they all produce.

It really made me want to try my hand at spinning. I want to try the whole process of washing, carding and hand spinning. Then of course knitting something with my results.


  1. What a wonderful experience. We participated in a day of washing, carding and spinning wool from sheep last fall. Reece had a blast and so did I :) The spinning was hard. I do hope to try again one day.

  2. What a glorious day. They pictures are grand. Harkin is getting so big. Landon and William are young men looking so good. Love to all, XXXOOO


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