apple picking

A beautiful day and an awesome deal (only 12.50) for 45 pounds(1 bushel of apples) makes for a wonderful day with my boys.  We also got to hang out with some friends and just enjoy the afternoon. Now we are busy with ideas for all those apples- pies, sauces and such.

p.s. I did not dress the boys alike, they did it themselves which makes Eric and I laugh. We both grew up with moms (sorry Grammy) who would dress all the kids alike on outings and we promised  we would never do it. I guess it is just in the genes.


  1. That is a great deal, wow! Have fun with those apples :)

  2. I love these autumn days. My oldest daughter made apple crisp last night. Relatively simple and sooo good!

    Great photo of you and the little one content on your back!

  3. Well don't Landon and William look wonderful? And Harkin and you look adorable. Love the outfits!!!!! Good idea to dress the same while on an outing. Enjoy the apples. XXXOOO


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