moving and messes

This little guy is all over the place. I was so not ready for him to be crawling at 6 months. He no longer is content to stay in the office and wants to be out in the kitchen with me while I am cooking. He is so happy when he "breaks free". 

He also loves to take everything out of baskets and off shelves. This weekend found me moving stuff around so he wouldn't get into things he wasn't suppose to.

It's fun watching him and I am amazed at how quick he has gotten in just two short weeks of crawling. He still does not have his belly up, but that does not stop him.

Oh, the joys of a baby!!


  1. And the real fun begins :)

    He is super cute.

  2. Oh my goodness, how can he be that mobile already?! Time has just gone way too quickly!

  3. Go gettum Harkin. Love the pictures. Can't wait to see and hold him. Love to all your guys and especially to you. XXXOOO


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