sitting in the chair

Although Harkin is not eating yet, we wanted him to get used to his chair and sitting at the table with us. And the fact that every time we sat down to eat and he was in his swing he would basically yell at us until we put him in our laps. So we got the chair down from the attic. He thought it was awesome and he was hot stuff. He sits pretty well in it. He just loves to bang on the table. The boys think it is so great that he is sitting in a chair and argue about who gets to sit next to him. I do believe we will be playing musical chairs for a bit.


  1. How fun! I can't believe he is sitting at the table, oh where does the time go.

  2. Look at him! What a big boy and love the banging of the bowl. Grampy and I want a turn sitting next to Harkin too!. Love the big blue eyes. Isn't Harkin a wonderful, welcome addition to the family?! Love to all the boys and to you dear Rose. XXXOOO


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