baby and yarn

Oh, the joy of watching this little guy play with a ball of yarn for almost a half hour was wonderful. He was so entertained by it. Tossing it around and of course loving to putting it in his mouth. His screeches of delight were so sweet. It amazes me what he finds so fascinating. One truly only needs a few small things to be happy.

All the while he was playing happily I was knitting nearby, so we both had our hands full of wool!


  1. Unbelievable how a ball of yarn can be so much fun. Children's toys are more fun if they are household items. I am delighted to think of you enjoying his fun. Keep up the good work Rose. The secret to good parenting is to enjoy it all. XXXOOO

  2. Don't I remember a picture of William playing with yarn also? XXXOOO


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