season's end

The boys finished up their soccer seasons. It was short and sweet but very busy. Almost 4 games a week between the two of them. Our nights always felt rushed and dinner was late. I love watching them play but to be honest I am glad it is over. Now we have a break until ski season begins.

In order for them to stay in shape I usually have them run or ride their bikes around our driveway several times a day.( it is almost the size of a track) And we try to take a walk in our own woods every day and then possibly a big hike once a week.

It feels good to slow down and have a break. Today is the first day we didn't have to rush off to practice or a game late in the day and it made the afternoon feel like forever. A great time to relax and play. Very nice!


  1. Very nice. As good as organized sports are for the boys it can be very disruptive to family life. Love the pictures. XXXOOO


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