mapping our world

I love self directed projects.

We went for our morning walk in the woods. The boys came inside brimming with ideas. They wanted to make a map of our woods. Of all the places they have discovered and named over the past year since we have been here.

It was so awesome watching them collaborate on this. What the names should be and who got to draw what spots.  They spent two full mornings working on this. They were writing, creating, orienteering, trying to draw to scale, and learning to compromise.

They were filled with excitement over learning. This is why I love homeschooling....


  1. I love this!!!! One of our core routines of nature connection is mapping, such a wonderful practice to get into.

  2. Those projects usually make for the very best it!

  3. Map making and orienteering are really fun! Great job boys! XXXOOO


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