halloween fun

all the joys of boys.
carving and painting. dressing up. trick or treating.

almost getting paint it the face by a very determined 8 month old. he did not want anyone to tell him how to hold the brush.

the big cowboy and the ninja went out and came home to eat their candy while tiny cowboy fell fast asleep. he was tuckered out.

this was the first time in 10 years I did not go out with the boys. kinda strange but they are growing and were not too concerned mama was not there, humph

and now to sleep in hopes that the sugar fairy comes for the wonderful offering of candy......


  1. The big boys costumes are wonderful. Seems they don't need Grammy for costumes or mama for trick or treating. humph indeed. Harkin is no long the un-named cowboy now! Love to all, enjoy the candy. XXXOOO

  2. Love the new picture. You take such wonderul photographs!!!

  3. Love all the pictures! Can't believe how big the boys have gotten (especially Harkin)! Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful Halloween!


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