9 months

My sweet beautiful boy is 9 months old already. I can not believe how quickly it is going by. Every day he is learning something new.

He is cruising around the furniture and stands on his own for almost 10 seconds or so. Getting ready to be independent. He is earnestly eating these days. Trying some new foods and then other days not wanting anything but mama's milk. Copies all the sounds his big brothers make. Loves giving hugs to everyone in the family. Plays with cars and loves when he gets his hand on a book. (following in his brothers' footsteps). Says Mama, Dada, and Hi with such clarity and purpose. Can happily play on his own for quite a bit but does love having someone nearby.

Brings a smile to his Mama's face every morning when he wakes and looks upon my face and smiles, then snuggles. The best way to wake up I do believe.

He is such a joy and blessing to this family and we all fall in love with him more and more every day.


  1. Already??? Wow. He looks so darn happy. A little bundle of joy :) Happy 9 months Harkin.

  2. Happy 9 months Harkin. He is just too cute. What a little man. Glad mama's milk is still tops. He is one fortunate baby to be loved so much and one fortunate family to have Harkin, Landon and William in it! Love, XXXOOO


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