a little tradition and something new

So we have kinda started a tradition around here unintentionally. We have been reading Cranberry Thanksgiving every year if we could get a hold of it from the library. They are out of print so are hard to find. This year I finally bought our own copy off of eBay. Then we make the cranberry bread recipe that is on the back of the book. Love it, but we make it our own. I do not use raisins but add chocolate chips instead. YUM!

Then we decided to do something a little different. Last year Eric made ribs and it was great but a long day for him. This year we stayed home and took it easy. Played in the snow, and then worked on a 500 piece puzzle for awhile. Once Harkin had napped we headed out to Jay Peak and ate at one of their restaurants. All you can eat buffet. The boys thought it was fun,  and had  a special treat- Shirley temples.

We came home to snuggle under the blankets- it is 14 degrees out- and watch the movie Planes. A simple but relaxing memorable day.

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  1. Lots to be thankful for. So glad you were able to find a copy of Cranberry Thanksgiving. I remember how good the bread was. I love Harkin looking at the boys to figure out what to do. Don't the younger ones look up to the older ones so. Lets all remember to set a good example. You all look wonderful. Hugs to all. Love to all, XXXOOO


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