a new sweater and hat

I finished up some knitting for Harkin. His latest sweater that just fits and he will wear almost every day until he outgrows it. This seems to be a pattern for me with his sweaters. I just seem to finish them when he is almost ready to move onto the next size. I am trying to get better at this. There is just always something going on that I don't always knit. I need to knit every day. I remember once that is all I would do in the evenings.

But I did manage to get the hat done quickly and with lots of room to grow. It should last him through the winter, but I may make another just because. I love baby hats. His last one never failed to get a compliment. At least two every time we were out. It was the beautiful yarn. Raised, sheared, spun and dyed all locally. Yeah!!

So I am off to find a new project....

1 comment:

  1. I thought the sweater was new in the 9 month picture. It is just beautiful. He looks so adorable in it. The hat is as cute as the previous one. Good job Rose. Now you just need to raise the sheep, shear, card and spin your own wool. Ha Ha. Love your handiwork! XXXOOO


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