comforts of home

Our week seems to be busy in the beginning and then by the weekend slows down. I feel at ease and can begin to relax when I look around and see the simple things that mean more to me than any activity/program.

:: imaginations at work creating

:: a fire that warms us, with wood we, well the boys, cut, chopped and stacked

:: projects in process and almost near completion

:: homemade food- treats for the dog, bread and chicken noodle soup to fill our souls

As the weather begins to grow colder I am getting ready to hibernate. I am yearning to just stay put and create, play, learn and love with my boys at home........


  1. Hibernation is good this time of year :) Enjoy!

  2. I too am looking forward to hibernating! Now, if only we had a fire place or wood stove to sit by I'd be in heaven!


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