10 month photo shoot

OK, so here is my little man. He looks so big sitting in his chair. And he was so happy to be doing so. He  thinks he is pretty hot stuff. Which of course he is according to all of us. He is a full fledged walker these days. Talking/babbling up a storm. So interactive in his play. Now has two teeth. Loves to snuggle up close, however doesn't' really sleep so well these days. LOVES to take baths. Has so much fun putting things in something, like a bowl and then emptying it and starting all over. Makes the cutest noises- almost like a roaring lion at times. Enjoys helping Mama with the laundry, taking the clothes out of the dryer. Is a little monkey and tries to climb everything, such as the block basket, the table, and his blue chair.

So amazingly wonderful and fun to watch. Thankful every day that Harkin chose us to be his family.


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