in the snow

Up here in northern Vermont we are well into winter. Snow keeps on falling, even if just a dusting a day. I am assuming we will not see the ground until spring, but you never know. 

The boys are in heaven. They have been on the mountain skiing since the first of December. Outside in our yard is their natural playground. Our days at home are mostly spent outside.  Harkin loves to get out when the temps aren't too cold. It takes a bit to get him all bundled up but how much fun we have once outside. 

This particular day we were outside for about two hours. Harkin had fallen asleep on my back before we could get him in the snow, then when he awoke he was ready to go, go go. The big boys had a great time showing him around.

Here's too a good long winter!


  1. We just got back from a little outdoor playtime in the snow. It is cold, but it was fun!

  2. Nothing is better than playing in the snow unless it is the hot chocolate once inside. The snow is lovely and the boys look great. Love, XXXOOO


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