tree lighting

Saturday night we went to our town green to see the tree lighting. This was the first time we have ever attempted this. Back in CT it was always so crazy. A big parade and then really not a lot of parking- it was just a much bigger town. So I thought we would give it a try. There were only about 50 people there, which was nice. We got some free hot chocolate and listened to the school children sing carols. They were just about to light the tree when Harkin began getting really upset, so we headed to the car. It was so very cold that night as well. We got to see the tree being lighted from afar(the car) but saw all the other lights as they went on. The big boys did not find it much fun. I tried, but now I know it is not something that holds allure for them. They would rather drive around and see the houses that are decorated.  We live and learn.


  1. We don't attend our tree lighting for the same reasons.... My girls never seem to miss it. Like your boys, they get so much joy from driving around town rather than standing outside shivering.

  2. It looks like a really cold night. Don't think we ever went to the tree lighting in town. Certainly driving around to see the lights is more fun I think and warmer too. Love, XXXOOO


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