the week that was:: 12/15-12/21

This week just seemed to disappear. One day just kinda rolled into the other, but not without craziness.
We started the week with some snow, a party, a date for mom and dad with Harkin as our chaperon.
Then there was some creating using our newly filled cabinet that we found at a tag sale and Eric has doctored up a bit. (A door for the bottom so no tiny babe can climb in.)
5 steps taken at a time. Those little legs are ready to run.
A mishap with the corner of a table and a visit to the Dr. Thankfully all was needed was butterfly strips, but oh, did mama feel so badly that it happened in the first place. There was a lot of blood but hardly any crying.
A pretty cool full moon.
A late afternoon flood due to frozen pipes. The whole family pulling together at the dinner hour to clean up all the water in the basement and office. Whew.
Snow fort building. Always a good thing.
There were games played, play dough made for the very first time, which we gifted to friends. Celebrating, cookie decorating and crafting.
A walk in the woods with my sweet puppy. He does love having his Mama all to himself- just like all the rest of my boys at times.
Sickness abounding for all. Almost over it- just in time for Christmas.
A bit of crankiness thrown into all of that as we realize there are only 4 days until Christmas and still no  tree! Soon, soon ,soon.
Hoping to have a relaxing weekend with some down time, baking and possibly tree decorating?


  1. Sounds like a normal week with three active boys. Poor baby Harkin and the mishap. Your pain is probably worse. He still looks adorable. And the boys look so big and capable. Love to hear who watched the fort while mom and dad went on a date(with Harkin as chaperon). Perhaps William and Landon have a story to tell?! XXXOOO


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