canning syrup

So our maple syrup venture this year only gave us about two small mason jars full, but some friends of ours are real sugarers.

She so kindly put aside 5 gallons for us and then came over to our house and showed me how to can it all. It was pretty neat and rather quick to do. We are pretty set for the next year(I hope). If we do run out there are plenty of locals around here that sell it, so we'll make do.


  1. What wonderful friends you have :) We, like you, didn't get much this year. Lucky for us there are also quite a few sugarers around here to fall back on. Enjoy that maple syrup.

  2. WOW. Your syrup was fantastic. I only hope the friends syrup tastes half as good. What fun and interesting things you are doing. XXXOOO


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