doings at home

Our days at home can be so good.

I had wanted to have our very own garden this year but we just do not have a space that gets very much sun, so I started to look for CSA's. To our luck we found one that was our neighbor. So the boys take the wagon across the street and fill up on our fresh veggies. I made mint iced  tea all week long with the fresh mint. I think it is our new favorite summer drink.

There has been fort building and research on the computer on how to make star wars origami figures. Sparked by a book series that he is reading.

Many days I fret that we don't do enough- more book learning I think- but when I truly relax I can see all the learning in just living this wonderful life of ours. And we all have a bit more fun together. Which is what I really want, for us to be a close family that enjoys being together.


  1. Beautiful, all of it, but especially your last paragraph :)

  2. WELL we sure enjoy being together with all of you. I love the fresh vegetables across the street. I have always enjoyed the way the boys make forts and you let them. Star Wars origami! Wait til Grampy hears about that. Love to all, the pictures are wonderful. XXXOOO


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