rock of ages


Last week on a cold and dreary day we headed out for a field trip. We went about an hour and a half away to first see a Laura Ingalls Wilder show and then off to a quarry. This was pretty cool and peaked the boys' interest. They learned all about the granite that is in Vermont. We watched a movie and learned about the monuments that use this granite all around the world. Pretty neat.

Behind the visitor center they had an outdoor bowling lane made from the granite. It was a prototype that never really took off.  The bowling balls were a light foam- that would be why my little man could pick one up.

We met up with a friend whom we don't see too often and had a really nice day, besides the cold temps.

We took the long way home and traveled through the mountains and stopped at Ben and Jerry's for a sweet treat. A great way to end the day.

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  1. Wow, that looks amazing! My rock loving little man would have loved that :)


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