a first masterpiece

We set up the finger paints and had a go. Harkin was a bit unsure at first but when he saw his big brothers painting he followed suit. He had lots of fun. The boys made signs for their dad while Harkin created a wonderful painting. 

Years ago William used to not like to finger paint, he didn't like the paint on his fingers, but now that is all changed. It was fun to watch the older boys get into as much as a 15 month old.

We have had these same finger paints forever. They were a bit thin. My goal this summer is to use what we have and to create on a more regular basis. Like everyday would be nice. Early in the morning when everyone is fresh really is the best time- but it is also the best time for so many other things, so we will try to fit it in when we can.

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  1. Imagine using finger paints every day! Finger painting was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. Glad William is enjoying it. Signs for dad were wonderful. XXXOOO


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