getting ready

39  weeks! things are going fine and we are just about ready for our sweet girl to arrive. You can tell we are not first time parents as we just bought a car seat and I still haven't gotten out the bassinet and co- sleeper for our bed. This weekend. There is still plenty of time I keep telling myself.

This past weekend we moved the dresser from Harkin's room into our bedroom. I had to do some switching around but we managed to put all of the baby's clothes into the top two drawers, then Harkin's clothes fit into the bottom drawer. He also has the top two drawers of my dresser. It saved us of having to buy another dresser at the moment. I thought he was going to be upset that I was moving his clothes around but he wanted to help. He gave me all of the clothes form the tub and kept saying baby's. We talk about a baby inside mamas belly but I am not sure if he really grasps the whole thing. We'll just have to wait and see.

Still a bit worried of how he will manage a night away from his mama, but it must be done. Everyone keeps telling me he will survive. I still can't believe we are going to have another tiny one in the house. It is just so exciting!!!


  1. Thinking of you, and sending good labour vibes. xo

  2. You look fabulous! Can't wait to hear the good news that she has arrived! Enjoy these last few days as a family of five! xo


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