at home

It seems like I just posted, but it has been almost two weeks now.

Our days have been good, a little busy with not too much sleep going on around here.  Baseball is keeping us out late two nights a week but the next day everyone is very SLOW. Thankfully we usually can just hang out at home. Issabelle gets overtired and doesn't like to nap during the day but sleeps pretty good at night. Every now and again she is nursing every hour, but it is helping her to grow. She has the cutest rolls you ever did  see.  She is also working on sitting up and getting strong on her belly.

We are outside more as the weather is nice and warm.  I have the week ahead to sit down and organize our home learning materials and then the boys meet with the teacher for their assessment.

Then we are on to summer mode.  I have big plans- trying to clean things out and finish projects. The boys have lots of projects on their minds and of course we will try and get to the lake a ton more this summer.

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