baa baa black sheep

The day started with a little reading. One of his favorites. Baa Baa Black Sheep. It was rather appropriate as we spent the morning visiting with some new baby lambs and their mamas.

It was fiber weekend up here and our local yarn store was having an open house and also a junior fiber show. William had entered his needle felted sprites and received a second place ribbon and prizes that he is very excited about. Some wool roving, a 10% off coupon for more supplies and a free Creemee (something similar to soft serve ice cream).

We continued our day taking a scenic drive- this was the first time we were all in a car together since Issabelle was born. We finally got a car that fits us all. The day ended at Ben and Jerry's for some real ice cream. I don't do the whole Creemee thing.

It was a nice family outing.


  1. Goodness the first photo and the one of William holding beautiful. Those are photos that make a mamas heart smile :)

  2. Baa Baa black sheep they sure do have wool. I love Harkin reading and Issabelle listening. William is so good with the babies. And Landon getting into petting the lambs. Great day out. Love to all, XXXOOO


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